Thoughts & Testimonials

From Sr. Ann:

“The seasons of the year lend to prayer, the quiet of winter the newness of life, of spring. The fullness of life in summer and the learning to let go in fall. So many priests and religious come to be still in their busy and hectic world, to stop and be like Mary in the Gospel and sit at Jesus’ feet- to unburden themselves to listen to God within, to be nourished and nurtured in the beauty of Cormaria. Even Bishops come apart just to be – I love watching the retreatants when they arrive and then to see them leaving with a big smile on their faces.”

From our Guests:

“I had a marvelous time! I have been away from the Church for many years. Attending Mass for the first time in years was an awakening for me. Thank you again, and I will see you soon again!”

“Being in your presence is a great tonic and a blessing for me. I came in a state of disrepair and I leave with a renewed spirit because of you all.”

“So at home and at ease! I did a lot of thinking and re-connected with my higher power and renewed my strength in my spirit. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for the grace of true freedom. Free to live with no guilt, shame, fear or anger. True love. Peace.”

“I have never been away to anything before in my life of fifty years old. I have had a challenged life raising two young children as a single parent and having AIDS. But I have always had faith in what I believe. With great gratitude I was able to listen to the sound of the waves, rain and birds with a peaceful mind. I am thankful for what you do to others.”

“Please do all you can to make Cormaria a spiritual home for people struggling and in need of hope. The beauty of the setting, the spaciousness of the accommodations and the loving support of all the sisters and staff are a gift to all who enter here. How can we turn this love around in the world outside if we have not been the fortunate ones to receive it? I look forward to many more spiritual retreats! Please be here for others to share.”

“Thank you, Sisters, for sharing your wisdom, love and faith. I have been refreshed and renewed.”

“Thank you for the respite. I’ve replenished my soul.”

“I came to my first retreat here at Cormaria 28 years ago. At that time my life was full of pain and despair. Coming here gave me hope and by the Grace of God, I come back each year. My life is truly enriched because of Cormaria. Sr. Ann is truly inspiring.”

“It’s not exaggerating to say this sacred place – it’s people- have been instrumental in helping to mend my fractured family. The good that Cormaria does is much greater than the sum of its parts. Long Island has already lost a treasured retreat place near me (St. Ignatius in Manhasset). I pray that Cormaria be allowed to continue in strength and that its needs be met going forward. Cormaria heals the broken, provides a balm to tired souls, and is a living example of God’s vital work.”

“Coming to Cormaria these past 21 years has helped me to live a full life. The spiritual blessings and grace I receive here enable me to be of service to others.”

“Cormaria has saved many lives over many years and I truly hope it continues for many more years to come!”

“As a retreat director for recovering women, I find Cormaria the ideal setting for people to grow in grace and peace. It’s truly a place where those searching to deepen their insights can do so while enjoying the beauty of Sag Harbor. With much gratitude to the Sisters who work here.”

“I have been coming to Cormaria for almost 20 years. It is the place where I reconnect with the God of my understanding and recharge to be able to manage some very difficult circumstances. I am extremely grateful that this special place exists and is affordable for those of us who are struggling. The spiritual growth that I have gained from coming here is probably the most important piece of my recovery. Sr. Ann is a true angel. I am extremely blessed to know her.”

“To the Sisters of Cormaria, Thank you for your extremely thoughtful preparation for the Holy Week retreat. I want you to know that your attention to detail- from the focused way the tables are cleaned and the food is attended to and put away, to the beautiful flowers everywhere- is much appreciated and admired. Providing us the take-aways like the Russian icon, the Chagall painting and the Stations of the Cross book keep the spirit of the retreat going into the future. Being in your presence is a great tonic and a blessing for me. I came in a state of disrepair and I leave with a renewed spirit because of you.”

“Cormaria: The thread that weaves together all the good in my life.”

“This will always be my second home. Thanks for the many years of recovery and healing. God Bless You.”

“I came for my yearly dose of spiritual growth and serenity that I carry all year. Thanks to Cormaria.”

“Thank you for the peaceful time to read on your heavenly porch and feel such warmth and kindness from everyone here.”

“Another great weekend that my whole family will reap the benefits of: Thank you … for keeping my family together.”

“Nourishment for the soul, spirit & humanity….I wish everyone could experience what Cormaria does for my life in today’s world as a man of God. Thank you Sr. Ann.”

“This is my third time here at Cormaria. I come here with no expectations, with an open mind. Each time I leave with a better understanding of my purpose in God’s plan. On this trip I received healing of a troubled spirit. It is my prayer that Cormaria will be here for many others to receive God’s grace and love. Sr. Ann calls it our home away from home, and that is how I view it. May God bless Cormaria and all who visit.”

“I experienced a spiritual awakening being able to share my deepest darkest secrets to a group of men. Experiencing a freedom beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Cormaria for your contribution to my peace of mind affecting all those who encounter me.”

“We the men of group 39 would like to express our undeniable gratitude for all the “Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary.” You have allowed our broken lives to be restored, one retreat at a time. When others have turned their backs on us, Cormaria has always had her doors open to us, with a safe and secure place to continue our recovery, enhancing our contact with God. We are forever in your debt.”